I love being outside, but the lack of snow this past winter provided only a few opportunities to do so.  We’ve had some really nice days but many more snowy/rainy days this spring.  Last Monday I woke to 5 above!  I try to satisfy my need to get outside by putting aside my to-do list and taking advantage of every nice day.  Dirty dishes in the sink never call my name, dirt speckled carpets don’t shout “get out the vacuum”, and dirty clothes quietly wait in the laundry basket. Household tasks need to get done, but I don’t hesitate to push them further down the list (unless company’s coming). When my husband and I bought our NH house, we unpacked our absolute necessities, purchased a couple of kayaks, and spent our first fall paddling and fishing Grafton Pond, just a half mile away.  The rest of the unpacking did get done, but not as quickly as we thought because we bought snow shoes and covered many miles that first winter right from our door.  It’s all about setting priorities, so for us making time to enjoy was top on our list.  Life is too short to work it all away.


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