Write it Down

Last night I had a lot on my mind and I was going over and over the issues; like having an auto replay button in my head.  I know from experience that thinking is more powerful than sleep so I took the time to write everything down – how I was feeling, what I wanted to say, and possible solutions.  My mind is pretty good at remembering, so I replaced the difficult and complex thoughts with one simple one.  Every time the thoughts were replayed, I went to my one simple thought – I wrote it all down.  I lost track of how many times I did this, but each time, I was able to drift closer to sleep.  When issues can’t be resolved right away, writing them down helps control auto replay and I can revise and address them later.  It would be great if all issues could be resolved, but some just won’t be, so writing them down, including why they can’t be resolved, gets them sorted out and then discarded.  Letting auto replay take hold of any issue is pointless and exhausting.  My mind doesn’t need to hold on to thoughts I can hold in my hand.


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