Most people have heard it said, learn from your mistakes. I hope figuring out why prevents me from making the same mistake twice.  But what if I do make the same mistake?  Everyone makes mistakes because no one is perfect, but making the same mistake more than once means I’m either stupid or I haven’t figured it out yet.  I’ll choose door number 2!  I think I should be allowed to make a mistake over and over as long as it doesn’t involve anyone else.  When no one else is involved, I have the luxury of figuring it out by trying again and again, after all, experimenting has led to some amazing discoveries.  When someone else is involved, I cannot make that mistake again.  One mistake my husband and I made did major damage to a relationship I thought was strong.  As a result we had to take hard but necessary steps to ensure the mistake would never happen again. Over time, the relationship recovered as best it could.  I might not be able to reverse every mistake, but I can prevent further damage to myself and others by doing everything possible to prevent that mistake from ever happening again.



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