A lot of little moments make up my day.  If I tracked them like calories, I’d be amazed at how many negative moments I have.  It’s easy to spend my moments there because it doesn’t take much effort.  Each sad moment means I’m missing out on a happy moment.  One angry moment means losing out on a peaceful one.  When I spend my moments living in the past, I can’t spend them living right now.  Moments spent dwelling on what I don’t have, take away from thinking about what I do have.  The negative moments are not only detrimental, they can’t change the past or fix anything.  Positive moments can’t change the past either but they keep me in the present and moving forward, the only direction there is.  Since there is a finite number of moments in a day, I need to spend them wisely.  I found a simple solution for turning around feel-sorry-for-myself moments by listing them in a small notebook and beside it listing what I can be thankful for and find joy in.  I just have to pick up the book, find the moment I don’t want to be in and read about all the good.


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