Have you ever asked yourself why?  I ask other people why because I think they have the answer.  I can ask that vast repository of answers in the sky, otherwise known as the internet, and get some kind of answer. I ask myself why when I’m sure no one has an acceptable answer.  In some instances, the question makes me think long and hard until I have the answer or get enough pieces to move on.  And then there are the questions I will never answer because the reason for the question makes no sense.  Why did my husband die?  The factual answer is, he had a massive heart attack.  Why did he have to die is a very different question; one I’ve asked many times; one that doesn’t want a factual answer.  I don’t believe it’s possible to find a satisfactory answer for every why and so, for the sake of finding peace, I had to come up with an answer that’s not really an answer.  It’s similar to when my kids ask me why and I said, because I said so.  My answer to the impossible why is, there is no answer and learn to live with that.


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