His Things

I’ve kept all of the things my husband made; rustic lamps, headboards, carved burls, and tables. I have the guitar I gave him our last Christmas together and I learned how to play it.  I kept his shop equipment and learned how to use it.  I still have his fishing equipment, kayak, and canoe because we still use them.  I have a bag of his cotton plaid shirts which will be made into a quilt. I gave away his nice clothes to a friend and a flannel shirt went to each of his kids and their spouses.  I gave some of his belongings to my daughter and I still have a few things to bring to my son. There are pictures of him on the walls and I wear his wedding ring on a chain around my neck.  All the things I kept or gave away are being used, not sitting somewhere taking up space and collecting dust. I’m glad I moved because packing required me to decide what to do with his things; things that were weighing me down.  If I hadn’t moved I hope I would have called a friend and together let his things go.


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