Two Recipies

I added two more of my favorite recipes: Black Bean Burgers from Cooks Illustrated and Energy Cookies.  The Black Bean Burgers are served on homemade sandwich thins.  I wish I could find a thin burger bun with no calcium propionate, but so far no luck.  This ingredient lets bread sit on your counter for weeks without turning moldy.  Bread should go moldy if left out that long!  If you want, add cheese and a cover after the burgers are flipped, and then your normal burger fixing once they’re on the bun.  Haven’t tried grilling them yet – it’s still pretty cold where I live – but they hold together really well so they should do well on a grill pan.  The Energy Cookies recipe is one I created by modifying another recipe that had way too much sugar and candy pieces which I switched out for more dried fruit.  I don’t remember where I heard this, but I try to follow it as much as possible: if you can’t make it yourself, don’t eat it.  How often would you eat french fries, cookies, chips, or soda if you had to make them yourself?  My answer would be hardly ever.


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