Not Brave

I’ve been asked the question “How are you?” many times. My answer is often the word good, which is the expected answer. What if the reply was something other than good, like it’s not been a good day or tired? First, would something other than the standard answer be heard, and if it was, would it be overlooked because it’s now an uncomfortable situation?  The answer good, might not be the truth, but it doesn’t require a reply, which is why it’s used so often. Instead of always saying good, indicating how courageous I am, how about giving a simple but honest reply and maybe receive a moment of kindness in return like a touch on the arm, kind eyes, or being told it’ll be better tomorrow. I don’t think it’s necessary to give a lengthy explanation why I’m not good or for the response to fix everything that’s wrong.  For me, receiving the smallest amount of kindness means someone has recognized I’m hurting and they care, even if they can’t understand or fix it.  Of course they can’t give me any kindness if I hide behind the word good. It’s OK not to be brave.


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