Five Years

I wrote this poem titled No More on January 7, 2012: You’ll never walk this earth again or stand upon a mountain top to gaze at your beloved Adirondacks.  There’ll be no more paddles in your hand or fishing rods to cast for six pound bass or rainbow trout.  You’ll never create another lamp or carve another burl to rest upon an antler found in the snow.  You snowshoes will be silent. Your rifles will ring out no more.  But you’ll walk with me in my heart.  Your life will stand in my memory.  I will live in your beloved Adirondacks.  I will pass on your paddles and love for fishing. I will finish the lamp and burls.  Your creations that surround me shout “I was here”. The ring I wear around my neck, a reminder that I’ll love you forever. ~ It’s been five years today and these words still bring a great sadness and tears as I read them. He was a good husband, an amazing father, a talented rustic woodworker, guitarist and singer, a skilled hunter and fisherman, a gifted teacher and mentor, and my best friend.  His chocolate cream pies were incredible!


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