Missing It

I started this list titled You’re Missing It, in 2011 as I remembered my husband’s birthday:  Our son & daughter-in-law back together March 2011; Homer Alaska, a second kitty Thistle, and finished the den in the basement June 2011; The Smoking Cork July 2011; new master bath floor August 2011; homemade maple ice cream with salted pecans September 2011; sold the truck and new car October 2011; house for sale December 2011; move to upstate NY July 2012; second half of move November 2012; a grandson August 2012; sold the NH house June 2013; major renovations September 2013; Seward Alaska Orca Island Yurts June 2014; Stouts & Stogies December 2013; Anchorage Alaska Nancy Lakes Wilderness Area May 2015; your mom passed away June 2015; a granddaughter December 2015.  The question I asked myself was how can someone miss that which is not known?  They can’t, but I still keep the list going to remind me that life goes on; I’m still here.  I would have missed all these things, some hard, most amazing, if I didn’t get past the times when the pain was so great I didn’t want to live.  Life is a gift; live it until it’s gone.


One thought on “Missing It

  1. It’s crazy how much has happened in the last 5 years… Sometimes, I run through all of my own list of things missed and remind myself how incredible life really is.


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