Little Things

Throw two people together who most likely grew up very differently and there’s bound to be little things that irritate the other.  My husband never tightened the toothpaste cap.  After years of aggravation, the solution came to me – buy your own tube of toothpaste. When he worked outside in the winter, he hated shoveling snow when he got home.  Our solution was he cooked supper while I shoveled.  I cleaned up as I cooked; he did not.  Our solution was not the normal I cook, you clean up, because he was a messy cook.  I liked things put away so I took on that job, getting angry every time I picked up his clothes.  One day I re-arrange the bedroom so I could pile his stuff up and not see the pile.  It took way to long, but I learned don’t simmer, fix what can be fixed, let everything else go; life’s way too short. There are times when I brush my teeth that I miss the other messy tube of toothpaste, when I shovel snow and wish there was supper waiting for me, and I would gladly clean up his pile of clothes if only there was one.


2 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. “If only…”

    I read all the postings last week and was touched deeply. My thought was to reach out to you this week, before the anniversary of Jeff’s death, and let you know how worthwhile this blog is. Then I realized that day fell on Good Friday this year, and it’s tomorrow. So I went to see if you’d posted anything else, and see THIS.

    Thank you, Susan, for being so real. You’re doing a good thing. I’ll call you later. Love you!



    1. Thank you for your kind words. Thank YOU for being so real in Facebook posts. Both my kids have commented on what you share – real life, real people, tell it like it is. Thank you for being in my life and there’s.


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