I’m sure most people have a few events they would like to do over. Mine would be more than a few. The words in a song I learned really touched me and cause me to think about do-overs every time I sing them: “Forty years go by with someone laying in your bed. Forty years of things you say, you wish you never said. How hard would it have been to say some kinder words instead?” Thinking about why so many unkind words were said, I realized they were easier and didn’t take a lot of thought. Angry, mean, bitter words make me feel better quicker, but that feeling doesn’t last. It’s hard to find kind words to turn around anger. It’s hard to say nothing at all and wait until the anger has passed in order to talk about a solution or compromise. For us, with two very different communication styles, it seemed an impossible task, and yet all things are possible with varying degrees of probable. I can’t take back or exchange words, like I can take back a sweater, and choose a different one. Anger does go away, but we can choose what’s left behind.


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