A Plan

Selling my house was one of the most stressful things I had to deal with after my husband’s death. If we had talked about it, I’m sure the plan would have been to sell the house and move near one of our children. Hopefully we would have considered what if the house didn’t sell right away. But since we didn’t talk about, it wasn’t as simple as following the plan. It didn’t take me long to put the house up for sale but I had to stay at my full-time job and in the house for a little more than a very long year, longing for it to sell and be somewhere else. We had life insurance so I was able to purchase a home near my daughter and continue making the mortgage payments after I moved. With help from friends I was able to rent the house until it sold almost a full year later at much less than what we paid plus renovations. The stress of selling and renting had taken a toll so I needed it behind me. If only we had a plan. Follow the plan and it will be alright would have been my mantra.


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