I don’t really care for garden salads – there, I finally said it. Would anyone eat one of these without dressing? The vegetables, if not fresh from a garden, have just about no flavor, and there’s very little protein, one of the things that lets me stay full longer. I grow my own tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce. If you’ve never tasted a carrot right out of the ground you’ve never really tasted a carrot; the flavor is so intense! Rarely do I eat these homegrown veggies in a salad covered in dressing because they taste amazing on their own. Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with a little salt, raw carrots, or lettuce on a BLT or topped with Farro Salad (see Recipe page). Yes, raw vegetables are really healthy, but shouldn’t they taste good too? A century ago, people didn’t eat fresh vegetables in the winter and spring; they ate what they preserved. Farmer’s market veggies can be very expensive so if at all possible grow your own. Besides planting directly in the ground there’s raised beds, pots, and window boxes – anything that holds dirt. It takes a little time, space, and effort, but it’s well worth it.


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