Thanks #2

My next thank you goes to my sisters who came to stay with me, helped me move, and still visit, call, and ask how I’m doing and really want to know. I have five sisters – six daughters for my parents – my dad says “anyone can mix ‘em”! Three of my sisters live not quite two hours from me now, one in Texas, and the other in Colorado. There’s seventeen years between us so growing up not all of us were close. But as time went by, that seventeen years started shrinking as we became adults, married, and had children. Two of my sisters are divorced and living alone; not quite the same thing, but I appreciate their adventurous spirits and honesty about being on their own after many years of marriage and dating again, one thing I have yet to do. I stayed with one of my sisters for a week, as I continued to work remotely. Recently I was able to help her by cooking a meal and doing some cleaning. It was the greatest feeling, not from repaying someone’s kindness, but for finding an opportunity to help someone and make them smile.


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