Thanks #1

My first thank you goes to my friends Fred & Diane. Diane took me to the hospital after the phone call that told me to come. She was there when we learned my husband was gone; a massive heart attack. She helped me make phone calls and the first decisions. They asked if I knew how to plow and mow with the tractor and if I knew how to replace the plow with the mower deck and then showed me. Fred taught me how to use my husband’s shop equipment, and helped me buy a car and sell my husband’s pickup. They opened their home so I could work remotely when I couldn’t bear to stay alone. They did these things without me asking. I had many offers of help; call if you need anything. I used to say the same thing, but not anymore. My experience is when stress takes over, people don’t know what they need. When I want to help someone, I come up with how, like I can come over and we can tackle this together or let me give you a ride. An offer of specific help means so much more than empty words.


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