Today is Sunday. We used to go to church every Sunday, but I haven’t been in a long time. Often enough tragedy brings people closer to God but not me. I’ve heard many times that God works all things for good. I can’t say that I’ve heard or seen any good resulting from the death of a man whose sole determination in life for many years was to become a teacher so he could make a difference in the lives of public school students. He accomplished this amazing goal, working with high school students for just seven months before he died in the early morning hours as he collected sap for them to turn into maple syrup that afternoon. I still believe in God but I can’t bring myself to go to church where I’ve found more people than not being just hearers of God’s word instead of doers. My husband was one of a handful of doers I’ve met. Minus one of the rare few is hard to understand, making God one of those friends who you just can’t get close to because you’re not quite on the exact same page.


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