Too Soon

My hope is that this blog will, not only allow me to express my thoughts and feeling about being a widow too soon, but help others like me. I say too soon, which is somewhat ridiculous since death is a given; it’s certain. For us, not knowing when it would come turned certainty into uncertainty and we never talked about it. We, like many other couples, expected it to come when we were old, maybe in our eighties, after a long life and a few grandchildren. We would be retired and our house would be paid for – no worries. But by not talking about it, I was faced with making a tremendous amount of decisions while in an emotional state not suited for making good decisions at all. I encourage the couples I know to talk about it – don’t wait until it’s too late. My journey of decisions and changes continues year after year, on my own, figuring it out day by day, moving towards what, I’m not yet sure.


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