Black Bean Burgers Again

Supper last night was Black Bean Burgers again. Third night in a row and that was half a recipe. Good thing they are really good! It’s tough facing a world full of tasty recipes that serve four or more people when it’s just me. I tend to look for recipes I can easily cut in half. These don’t include recipes with one egg – that would be tricky! I’ve recently started planning meals and cooking again because I finally see there is a point. I matter and my health matters to me. I’ve realize that I’m never successful at anything that doesn’t matter to me. No one can tell me what I need to do or not do. Even if I know they are right, I won’t change that part of my life until it becomes important to me. I’m still figuring out what’s important to me so I can make it matter. Feeding my family was important to me. Meals mattered. Was I not part of that family? I’m still here so feed me! (Recipes coming soon)


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